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Information about Bavaria

The Federal State of Bavaria is situated in the very south of Germany bordering the Czech Republic to the east and Austria and Switzerland to the south. Bavaria is Germany's largest federal state in terms of size, and the second most populous with 12.6 million people living in an area of 70,550 square kilometers.

The landscape of Bavaria ranges from Low Mountain Ranges with lakes in the north alpine foothills to the Bavarian Alps in the very south. Here lies Germany's highest elevation, the ''Zugspitze'' with 2962m above sea level and the popular tourist resort Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

Bavaria draws more tourists to Germany than any other state. They come to enjoy stunning alpine landscapes as well as cultural events ranging from Oktoberfest to Bayreuth's Wagner Festival.

The state boasts a unique identity developed over 1,500 years, a span of time that witnessed the growth of both traditional agricultural wealth and world-class manufacturing and service industries.

Manufacturing's dominance is matched by the strength of the service industry, as Germany's top insurance corporations and a number of major banking institutions call Bavaria home. These industries enjoy Bavaria's state-of-the-art transportation, telecommunications, and energy infrastructures. The almost 40 institutions of higher learning and more than 20 research centers also help keep companies on the cutting edge of their fields and make Bavaria a center of innovation.

This combination of hospitality, beauty, hard work, and high-tech has also made Bavaria one of Europe's strongest centers of economic growth in Germany.

Business Related Sites in Bavaria

Foreign entrepreneurs will find many state level institutions that offer helpful support for business operations.

The State of Bavaria
The official website of the State of Bavaria is a first source of information on local matters.

Invest in Bavaria
Invest in Bavaria is the central coordinating body for investors in the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs. Its services range from the initial steps to set up a business operation, the identification of the optimal location in Bavaria to arranging contacts with potential employees and customers.  

The Bavarian administration guide is a central internet platform for citizens, enterprises and public institutions that provides information on public services and the competent authorities in the Free State of Bavaria.

Startup in Bayern
The website ''Startup in Bayern'' provides tips and information for enterprise startups.

LfA Förderbank Bayern
LfA Förderbank Bayern is the bank of the Free State facilitating comprehensive economic development in Bavaria.

Bayern International
By founding Bayern International the Bavarian Government in 1995 created a competent organization to promote foreign trade.

Point of Single Contact in Bavaria

Picture shows Points of Single Contact

Picture shows Points of Single Contact

Service businesses from EU Member States seeking for support with the German administrative procedures may address the local Points of Single Contact. These state run one-stop-shops will guide them through the necessary paper work.

In Bavaria the Points of Single Contact (PSC) may be addressed by all service businesses that are affected by the EU Services Directive. They are located at the Chambers of Industry and Commerce, the Chambers of Skilled Trades and Crafts and the chambers of the relevant liberal professions. Service occupations that are not represented by a specific professional chamber may address the PSC at their local Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

In addition, some county administrations also have a local PSC. In case more than one PSC is responsible, businesses may choose one of them.

The service of the Points of Single Contact is optional. Entrepreneurs may always contact the relevant authorities directly, if they prefer. Moreover, there are many institutions at the state level that may be addressed for further support.