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November 2024 Essen

Germany | regional General Trade Fairs for Consumers Crafting, DIY, Collecting Tourism

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December 2024 Augsburg

Germany | Messeplatz National Energy (conventional and renewable)

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13.01.-18.01.2025 Munich

Germany | Construction Technology, Materials and Equipment, Interior Fittings

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January 2025 Bremen

Germany | regional Food, Beverage and Luxury Foodstuff Hotel and Catering, Shop Fittings

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12.02.-14.02.2025 Dortmund

Germany | regional Electrical Engineering, Electronics Facility Management Lighting, Lighting Technology

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13.02.-15.02.2025 Stuttgart

Germany | international/überregional Advertising, Marketing, Franchising Paper and Printing Industry, Media Production Lighting, Lighting Technology

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11.03.-14.03.2025 Leipzig

Germany | international/überregional Computer-Aided Engineering, Factory Automation, Measuring and Control Metalworking, Welding Technology Logistics, Gears and Drives, Conveyance and Storage Technology

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